Mike Harbour

Mike Harbour

The Goat and Lamb feeds that we feed are by far the best I have ever fed, and I have tried a lot over the years. I am so impressed with the consistency and quality that comes out of every bag... I don't settle for second best. I recommend Honor Show Feed to what ever specie you are feeding.



For Purina Honor® Show Ambassador, Mike Harbour, showing has become an enriching way to expose his children to the lessons and responsibilities of the real world. Showing is not just a hobby or a job for the Harbour family; it is a way of life.

Through caring for animals, investing in these animals and learning the economics of showing, Mike uses showing as a tool to help his kids mature.

"We travel and pay fees, so they know what a hotel costs and what to order at restaurant," Mike said. "Not every kid in their class could do something like that."

Mikes children, Tristan, 14, and Trey, 6, both competitively show sheep and goats. While both sons have repeatedly taken home championship titles, Mike appreciates how showing has allowed his sons to meet new people, make connections and helped them to learn how to interact with adults.

"My children are maturing at a lot quicker rate," Mike said. "They are already planning on what they are going to do when they go off to college."

Mike owns Harbour Livestock in Gatesville, Texas and grew up showing sheep and pigs.

"My mother's side raised sheep for three generations," Mike said. "She showed sheep and my dad was an agriculture teacher and showed cattle."

After receiving a livestock judging scholarship, Mike attended South Plains College for two years before transferring to Angelo State where he completed his bachelors and masters in Animal Science.

Mike is honored to be an Honor® Show Ambassador because he believes in the products and the feed.

"When I started feeding, I loved the lamb feed," Mike said. "Then I went through the whole program, saw what it was about and saw the research that was involved. I then used the Honor® Show more myself, and I was convinced that the quality and consistency can't be beat."

Mike believes in consistency and advises others to be consistence with everything they do, whether it is keeping a clean environment to managing how and what they feed their livestock.

"Pay attention to details, it is the small things that make you successful," Mike said.

Ambassadors of Purina Animal Nutrition LLC are compensated in connection with their participation in the Honor® Show Ambassador program.

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