Keith Staggs

Keith Staggs

Purina Animal Nutrition has the winning combination of Poultry Show Feeds to provide the Show Ring Results that you are looking for!



With more than 20 years of poultry show experience and knowledge, regularly judging show fairs across the country and his position as a Purina Honor® Show Ambassador, Keith Staggs is a leader in the poultry show ring.

As an Honor® Show Ambassador, Keith educates local 4-H and FFA participants on how to raise show poultry and illustrates the cutting edge quality of Purina Honor® Show. As an Ambassador, the biggest question Keith receives is 'how is Purina staying competitive?'

"There is always a competitor in the marketplace with Purina," Keith said. "Customers want to know that Purina is providing them with the optimal products. The research and the guarantees behind the feed, the consistency from bag to bag has been a proven testament to Purina's leadership in the show feed industry. Purina is the brand that is getting the job done with allowing your animals reach and maintain their fullest potential."

Keith became involved in showing animals through 4-H and during college joined the collegiate judging team. After receiving his Bachelors in Poultry Science from Texas A&M, Keith joined Purina Commercial Poultry Division in 1999 and then their retail division. Currently, Keith is the Vice-President and Director of live operations for Holmes Foods Inc.

For Keith and his wife, Sheri, showing animals is a great family activity. While their son, Nathan, 4, is not quite old enough to show yet, their daughters, Haley, 17, Rachel, 10, and Anna, 8, have won numerous awards in the show ring.

"We can always take our kids to a softball, football or basketball game and as parents sit in the bleachers and become spectators, but showing an animal takes the whole family's involvement," Keith said. "Yes, we're raising animals, but really and truly we are raising our kids. We're using these animals as a tool to teach our children responsibility, care, compassion and community."

Ambassadors of Purina Animal Nutrition LLC are compensated in connection with their participation in the Honor® Show Ambassador program.

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