Bryan Vaughan

Bryan Vaughan

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With a lifetime of animal show experience, more than 15 years of feed sales, regularly judging show fairs across the country and his position as a Purina® Honor® Show Chow® Ambassador, Bryan Vaughan is the go-to expert for showing pigs.

As an Honor® Show Chow® Ambassador, Bryan educates customers on new products, new methods and management techniques in showing pigs. For the last five years, he has shared his knowledge on production, showing and management at clinics in more than 20 states including California, Oregon and Colorado. As an Ambassador, the biggest enjoyment for Bryan is working with other families to help them be successful at showing, whether at the county, state or national level.

"If people call and say their pig is too big or too small and I give them the answer to help them out, then that's what it's all about," Bryan said. "All the ambassadors are trying to help educate the kids so they can be successful as well. In the Show business, you can never think that you know everything and must always keep an open mind. Integrity, honesty and a willingness to share knowledge are key."

Despite growing up on a commercial pig farm, when Bryan got involved with 4-H he started showing cattle. With the help of his uncle, they worked together to build a better, award winning heard. Bryan attended 10 or 15 shows a year and even met his wife, Polly, through showing at fairs.

After receiving his Bachelors in Animal Science from Ohio State, Bryan went into feed sales and is now the Retail Feed Manager at Purina Dealer, Trupointe Cooperative in Xenia, OH.

For Bryan and Polly, showing animals continues to be a family affair. They set a goal for both of their children to win at the state fair and succeeded! Their daughter, Alex, won Champion Barrow and Reserve Barrow at the state fair by the time she was 11. While their son, Cameron, had Champion Gilt within the first three years of competing.

"We all have our own roles, but we'll walk the pigs together as a group and go to the shows together," Bryan said. "The kids love it, and it's a great family activity."

Ambassadors of Purina Animal Nutrition LLC are compensated in connection with their participation in the Honor® Show Chow® Ambassador program.

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