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Start Your Backyard Flock at 2016 Purina Chick Days

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Purina Animal Nutrition announces its 2016 Purina® Chick  Days. During this nationwide program, top Purina retailers will host fun, educational events from January through May 2016. The local festivities are set to celebrate the joy of raising backyard chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese.  

“People across the country love attending Purina® Chick Days events: They’re fun and informative!,” says Kristin Horvath, backyard flock associate marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition. “Families enjoy bringing their kids into their local Purina retailer to see baby chicks, to learn about the sustainability of producing their own farm fresh eggs and to pick-up the supplies they need to start their own backyard flocks.”
Highlights of 2016 Purina® Chick Days events include:
  • Hands-on Education: Local experts are set to offer tips and training for starting and maintaining a backyard flock of chickens. Many Purina retailers will host educational seminars that walk through the steps of producing wholesome, nutritious eggs in your own backyard. Attendees can then sign-up to receive timely tips and coupons as their birds grow, by texting ‘PURINA’ to 95323.
  • Family Fun: Along with the opportunity to see chicks firsthand, many Purina retailers host chicken-themed games and contests during their local Purina® Chick Days. Past activities have included: crowing contests, egg tosses, chicken fashion shows and in-store scavenger hunts.
  • New Organic Feed: Purina’s new line of organic poultry feed will be unveiled during the nationwide event, bringing backyard flock sustainability to the next level. This new line of feed joins Purina’s family of industry-leading poultry feed products, offering flock raisers one more choice in optimum nutrition for happy, healthy birds. 
“Each Purina® Chick Days event is unique,” says Horvath. “Visit your local Purina retailer today to learn the details about your community event. Save the date, stop into your local store and learn why thousands of Americans have fallen in love with raising backyard birds.”
To find a Purina retailer near you and to learn tips for starting a backyard flock, visit www.PurinaChickDays.com or connect with other flock raisers on Facebook or Pinterest.