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Purina Animal Nutrition Introduces Dry Cow and Pre-Fresh Programs

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Purina Animal Nutrition introduces a complete line of minerals, supplements and complete feeds for dry and pre-fresh cows – backed by proven innovative dairy feed technologies.
The Purina® DRY COW and Purina® PRE-FRESH Programs are easy to feed, reduce day-to-day nutritional variation and consistently deliver highly available nutrients that can help drive early lactation feed intake resulting in higher peak milk and lactation performance, and add to the bottom line.
“Dry cow and pre-fresh programs tend to be complex, and fresh cow issues can be costly. In fact a slow start, post-fresh can create a domino effect of lost profit potential over an entire lactation,” says Dr. Stu Rymph, dairy nutritionist with Purina Animal Nutrition’s livestock technical support group. “With Purina Animal Nutrition’s complete line of dry cow and pre-fresh products, dairymen now have convenient options that are designed to meet their herd goals.”
The Purina® DRY COW and PRE-FRESH Programs offer a unique approach to help achieve greater profit potential by delivering specific nutrients and technologies to dry and pre-fresh cows, when they need them most.
The Purina® DRY COW and PRE-FRESH Programs include:
Purina® DRY COW Minerals offer balanced mineral supplementation plus the trace minerals and high vitamin levels needed for cows at dry-off through 21 days pre-fresh. For cows 21 days pre-fresh through calving, Purina® PRE-FRESH Minerals are formulated for increased trace mineral availability, and high vitamin levels needed just prior to calving.
Purina® DRY COW and PRE-FRESH Supplements and Complete Feeds offer a convenient solution for dry cow and pre-fresh rations and are optimized for higher feed intake and peak milk potential through the inclusion of Purina® Rally® Dairy Feed and NutriTek™ Technology.
  • Purina® Rally® Dairy Feed, a proprietary technology shown to increase dry matter intake by 3.2 pounds per day in the first week after calving and reduce NEFA (non-esterified fatty acid) levels by 39 percent at calving.
  • NutriTek™ Technology, an advanced technology proven to increase energy-corrected peak milk production by 7.6 pounds per day when fed 21 days pre-fresh and 21 days post-fresh.
“The Purina® DRY COW and PRE-FRESH program helps provide the right nutrition at the right time for a high potential return on your investment,” says Dr. Rymph.
To learn more about the Purina® DRY COW and PRE-FRESH Programs, contact your local Purina Animal Nutrition representative or go to: www.dairyfeedtechnology.com.

Rally is a registered trademark of Purina Animal Nutrition LLC.
NutriTek is a trademark of Diamond-V Mills, Inc.