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Purina Animal Nutrition Introduces Accuration® Hi-Fat Block

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Shoreview, Minn. [June 12, 2017] – Purina Animal Nutrition introduces Purina® Accuration® Hi-Fat Block, a self-fed, high-fat protein supplement for cattle consuming inadequate or low-quality forage. The supplement delivers 10 percent fat to provide additional energy and balance forage nutrient deficiencies.
“Accuration® Hi-Fat Block provides energy to help your cattle maintain optimal body condition and performance,” says Anthony Robinson, associate marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition. “It’s ideal for replacement heifer development, cows or heifers in mid- to late-gestation, balancing deficiencies of fall forages and for cattle on large range pasture.”
Accuration® Hi-Fat Block not only delivers a higher fat percentage, but it also contains Intake Modifying Technology® to help improve forage management.
“Intake Modifying Technology® supports snack eating, causing cattle to be able to eat more forage and get the benefit out of the forage they eat,” says Robinson. “It puts cattle in control of consumption – if they need more energy, they’ll typically eat more supplement; if they don’t need more energy, they’ll typically consume less.”
This new product expands the existing line of Accuration® supplements, which are available in block, liquid, meal and tub forms. Accuration® Hi-Fat Block is available in 200- and 500-pound blocks and 200-pound plastic tubs.
“When forage quality or availability changes throughout the year, you can turn to Accuration® Hi-Fat Block for additional energy in a convenient, self-fed form,” adds Robinson.
Accuration® Hi-Fat Block is a vital part of the Purina® All Seasons Cattle Nutrition Program, helping ensure cattle energy needs are met year-round. Ask your local dealer for Accuration® Hi-Fat Block or visit purinamills.com/cattle to learn more.
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