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Purina Animal Nutrition and Performance Livestock Analytics Work Together to Offer Cattle Producers Real-Time Decision Tools

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Shoreview, Minn. [August 11, 2017] – Purina Animal Nutrition and Performance Livestock Analytics (PLA) are joining forces to give Purina customers access to Performance Beefsoftware. Built for farmer-feeders and feedlots, Performance Beef software gives producers the data they need to make real-time, profit-focused decisions.
“Performance Beef software allows producers to capture and analyze the large amount of feed data generated today,” says Anthony Robinson, associate marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition. “The new software subscription service eliminates data collection and entry, and helps optimize operation costs.”
With easy-to-read charts and graphs, Performance Beef software:
  • monitors feedyard performance,
  • organizes feed inputs,
  • automates delivery,
  • eliminates batch sheets, and;
  • helps uncover insights.
The software also connects producers to their closest advisors. When a producer shares data through Performance Beef software, their Purina representative can make timely nutrition recommendations to enhance profit potential.
“We focus on delivering real-time data to help make cattle operations more profitable,” says Dane Kuper, CEO with Performance Livestock Analytics. “Our goal is to help optimize the performance and efficiency of every animal, so operations remain sustainable.”
Purina customers can access a proprietary software model for a monthly fee. After set-up, cattle producers can access their information from any device anywhere in the world.
“Performance Beef software is a convenient tool to help put cattle producers in control of performance and profitability potential,” says Robinson. “Producers can be confident they’re making the right decisions for their operation at the right time.”
Contact your Purina representative to learn more about Performance Beef or go to performancelivestockanalytics.com.