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Purina Adds Oyster Strong™ System to Layer Feeds

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Purina Animal Nutrition announces an enhanced formula of Purina® Layena® Premium Poultry Feeds. This new recipe includes Oyster Strong™ System, which provides calcium to hens when they need it most to support  strong shells and healthy birds.
“Hens are hard workers – providing our families with fresh, nutritious eggs each day. Most of this work is done at night, with the egg shell being formed while hens are sleeping,” says Gordon Ballam, a flock nutritionist with Purina Animal Nutrition. “To help hens feel – and perform – their best, we have further enhanced our Layena® Premium Poultry Feed products with Oyster Strong™ System. This new recipe further provides the most important ingredient to hens: Calcium.”
Calcium is an essential nutrient in layer feeds, because it takes high levels of calcium for the hen to produce an egg shell each night. With Oyster Strong™ System, the larger particle size oyster shell releases calcium slower. This process, combined with high levels of Vitamin D, provide calcium at night, when the hen needs the nutrient most.
“When hens do not consume enough calcium through their feed, they rely on their specialized (medullary) bones to provide a source of calcium for egg shells,” Ballam says. “Oyster Strong™ System helps layers receive the calcium they need with each bite of feed so a consistent source of calcium is available around the clock.”
The new Oyster Strong™ System is now included in the full Purina® Layena® line, including: Purina® Layena® Pellets and Crumbles and Purina® Layena® Plus Omega-3.
“The addition of Oyster Strong™ System is a big moment for backyard flock raisers,” says Jodi Eineichner, backyard flock marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition. "Purina customers are proud to feed the best to their backyard flocks. With this update, the best in flock nutrition has become even better.”
Purina® Layena® Premium Poultry Feed is available through local Purina retailers. To learn more about backyard flock nutrition, visit www.purinamills.com/chicken-feed or like Purina Poultry on Facebook.