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Progress to Profit Program Offers Wean-to-Finish Solution

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The new Progress to Profit™ Program, which includes research-proven feeding solutions for all phases of swine production from wean to finish, is now available from Purina Animal Nutrition.
In research trials, the Progress to Profit™ Program has been shown to support the following benefits: Increases in average daily feed intake, increases in average daily gain, and improvements in feed conversion from wean-to-finish.1

“Each product in the Progress to Profit™ Program is designed to build on the other products in the program to increase producers’ return-on-investment potential,” says Brenda DeRodas, Ph.D., director of swine research at Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Mo. “Research shows our individual swine feed products perform even better when fed as a program compared to single product use.”
The Purina® Progress to Profit™ Program is a customizable program that includes more than 16 nutrition solutions. Each of the 16 products has been designed to address specific challenges facing today’s swine producer and to meet industry demands.  The Purina® Progress to Profit™ Program includes:
  • Reformulated creep, pre-starter and starter feeds
  • New products to ease transition stress during nursery, grower and finisher phases
  • Supplements to support hydration
  • Plant-based performance enhancement
  • Ingredients to minimize fluctuation in input costs
  • Feed technology to reduce environmental impact  
“By selecting products to address the needs of each phase, along with those to address specific stressors and challenges, producers can build customized feed programs to give pigs a strong start and pave the way for successful transitions and strong finishes1,” says Dan Moran, director of swine feed marketing for Purina Animal Nutrition.
Proven solutions
The strength of the Progress to Profit™ Program is founded on the hands-on knowledge and experience of the Purina Animal Nutrition’s swine research team and field staff.
“Our team understands that no two swine operations are identical and producers need options to optimize each herd’s performance,” says Moran. “We are dedicated to developing solutions to help pigs start off right and then delivering the right nutrients at the right time as they grow.”
To learn more about the Progress to Profit™ Program, and how this programmatic approach can impact performance and ROI potential, visit www.ProgressToProfit.com.
1 Summation of Purina Animal Nutrition trials: PS1041, PS1035, WF006, WF007, FT142N-15 and PMI Nursery-Grower Transition Pak