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New UltraCare Creep Feed Supports Young Pig Performance

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Purina Animal Nutrition introduces UltraCare® Creep Feed, a new opportunity for pork producers to create eaters and support optimal pig performance during the weaning period.
“Weaning can be one of the most stressful periods of a pig’s life, and UltraCare® Creep Feed was designed to create eaters, support optimal intake and provide excellent nutrition to young pigs before and during weaning,” says Brenda DeRodas, Ph.D., director of swine research at Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Mo. “This allows pigs the opportunity to optimize the nutrients available for growth and development.”
Enhanced flavor
UltraCare® Creep Feed includes MpD®-class palatants developed to mirror the smell and taste of sow’s milk and colostrum. These familiar smells and flavors have been shown in research trials to encourage eating among pre-weaned pigs.
Optimal gut health
Developed with a new gut-optimizing formula, UltraCare® Creep Feed can help the evolution of digestive enzymes. At birth, pigs’ guts contain the enzyme lactase to break down lactose in sow’s milk. A different enzyme, amylase, is needed to break down carbohydrates in dry feed. Creep feeding stimulates the development of amylase to give pigs a head start on digesting dry feed.
Without this aid in transition, the pigs’ gut linings can become inflamed. Inflammation can lead to scours, dehydration and potential productivity set-backs immediately post weaning.1
The new UltraCare® Creep Feed is part of the Progress to Profit™ Program, designed to provide optimal nutrition from wean to finish and give producers a strong opportunity to capitalize on their return on investment.
The Purina® Progress to Profit™ Program is a customizable program that includes more than 16 nutrition solutions. Each of the 16 products has been designed to address specific challenges facing today’s swine producer and to meet industry demands.
To learn more about the Progress to Profit™ Program, and how this programmatic approach can impact your herd’s performance and ROI potential, visit www.ProgressToProfit.com.
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