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Feed Chickens a Taste of Free-Range in Every Bite

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Arden Hills, Minn. [Sept. 5, 2019] – Chickens love to eat nutritious insects while roaming the backyard. New Purina® Layena®+ Free Range Layer Feed gives backyard chickens a taste of free-range in every bite. This unique layer feed includes insect protein from black soldier fly larvae.

“Many flock raisers want to raise their backyard birds with an eye towards sustainability,” says Patrick Biggs, Ph.D. and flock nutritionist for Purina Animal Nutrition. “Black soldier fly larvae require less land per pound of protein than other common protein sources. Chicken feeds with insects as a protein source are a great option to provide the nutrition your birds need.”

Purina® Layena®+ Free Range Layer Feed provides all 38 unique nutrients hens need and includes the exclusive Oyster Strong® System to support strong bones and strong-shelled eggs – no supplementation needed. Chickens also get the benefit of eating as if they lived free-range.
“Purina® Layena®+ Free Range Layer Feed allows chickens to eat as if they lived a free-range lifestyle,” says Biggs. “The protein-rich black soldier fly larvae help mimic a free-range diet and provide vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.”
This new layer feed is one of the many ways Purina is celebrating 125 years of innovation. Join the celebration and give your chickens a taste of free-range with Purina® Layena®+ Free Range Layer Feed.
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