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8th Annual Calf and Heifer VIP Program Shares Cutting Edge Developments in Calf and Heifer Management

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Purina recently hosted two Calf and Heifer VIP programs at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, a 1,200 acre working farm and research facility in Gray Summit, Mo. More than 150 dairy producers and calf and heifer raisers from 16 states learned about solutions to calf-raising challenges, saw best practices in action and learned about some of the latest innovations in calf nutrition.

“We strive to provide timely, relevant information to attendees at our Calf and Heifer VIP events,” says Amber Mirabal, associate dairy marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition. “Visitors to the Purina Animal Nutrition Center can immediately apply the insights they learn to their operations or share with their employees to build stronger, more profitable farms.”

Results from on-farm trials demonstrating milk production potential with a complete three-step program of high quality milk replacer, calf starter and calf grower during the first six months of life were shared. Discussion centered on the role that rumen development plays in setting calves up for lifetime profit potential. Rounding out the educational portion of the event were presentations about other facets of calf and heifer raising such as air quality, electrolyte selection considerations, housing and disease management.

The Purina Animal Nutrition Center opened in 1926 and is a working farm with approximately 3,000 animals making it a unique facility within the feed industry. Nutritional research and studies are done in beef, dairy, swine, equine, family flock, wildlife and show animals along with backyard and small animals.
“We are dedicated to continuously improving the nutrition our customers provide to the more than 100 million animals fed Purina Animal Nutrition feed and supplements each day,” says Mirabal.

For more information on the Calf and Heifer VIP or to learn more about calf and heifer products and expertise available from Purina Animal Nutrition, contact Amber Mirabal by email:  AMirabal@landolakes.com or go to: www.purinamills.com/dairy-feed.