Mare’s Match® Foal Transition Pellets

Mare’s Match® Foal Transition Pellets

The right nutrition early in your foal’s life sets the stage for long-term potential. Foals like consistency and may experience a setback in growth and performance during the weaning phase. LAND O LAKES® Mare’s Match® foal milk transition pellets are milk-based and designed to aid in the smooth transition from milk to solid feed. Offer these pellets prior to weaning to keep your foal’s growth and energy on track.

Features & Benefits

High level of milk-based ingredients

Offers highly digestible and palatable energy and protein to support nutrient needs through weaning

Essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals

Provides the nutritional requirements for structural growth

Protein and fat balance

Helps foals meet the increased energy requirements for optimal growth and performance

Resealable pail

Maintains freshness during storage

Feeding Directions

Best Results
Feed free choice up to 1.5-2.0 lbs. per day, depending on the age of foal. Always provide alongside fresh, clean water and quality hay, as needed.

Always keep LAND O LAKES® Mare’s Match® foal milk transition pellets on-hand in case your foals need high-quality nutritional support during the weaning phase.