LAND O LAKES® Calf Insure®

LAND O LAKES® Calf Insure®

LAND O LAKES® Calf Insure® is an effective way for producers to increase the numbers of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract to help maintain gut health and improve digestion. Contains high levels of antioxidant vitamins to support immune function and its non-medicated formula requires no withdrawal period.

Features & Benefits

Dairy Calf Health Support

Prebiotics and probiotics help support a calf’s immune system by improving the growth of good bacteria to support the microbiome and helping control bad bacteria which can cause health issues such as calf scours.

Improved Digestion

Exclusive active microbials (aka probiotics) in LAND O LAKES® Calf Insure® help develop and support a calf’s gut to improve digestion and nutrient absorption.


LAND O LAKES® Calf Insure® doesn’t require a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) and has no withdrawal period.

Feeding Directions


LAND O LAKES® Calf Insure® Mixing and Feeding Instructions

Feed a 5x dose (0.08 lb) or two doses of 0.05 lb on day 2. Continue feeding LAND O LAKES® Calf Insure® at a rate of 0.016 lb (1/4 oz.) per feeding (based on 2x daily feeding). Calf Insure® can be mixed with pasteurized milk or calf milk replacer and is orange in color for easy identification.
Best Results
Begin feeding LAND O LAKES® Calf Insure® on day 2 after colostrum or colostrum replacer feeding and continue for at least 14-21 days. Provide fresh, clean water along with a high-quality, palatable calf starter feed on a free-choice basis. Only use low sodium water (<50 ppm) for mixing milk replacer and feeding calves.