Mare’s Match® Foal Milk Replacer

Mare’s Match® Foal Milk Replacer

The right nutrition early in your foal’s life sets the stage for long-term potential. When a mare can’t fill this role, LAND O LAKES® Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer takes her place and offers palatable, high-quality nutrition. LAND O LAKES® Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer closely matches mare’s milk and, in combination with good management, can help you raise strong, healthy foals.

Features & Benefits

Essential vitamins and minerals

Provides the nutritional requirements for foal growth

Protein and fat balance

Mimics the balance found in mare’s milk to support efficient foal growth

Proper balance of zinc and copper

Supports hoof health

Highly digestible formulation

Meets foals’ energy requirements

Product preservation system

Helps product stay fresh while feeding

Resealable pail

Maintains freshness during storage

Feeding Directions

Best Results
Begin feeding after colostrum and feed for at least 8 weeks. 
Follow mixing and feeding directions found on the back of the pail.  

Always provide fresh, clean water.