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Horse owners often hear about the importance of developing a close relationship with their veterinarian and checking in with them frequently to ensure their horse is receiving the best care possible.

But following through on the calls to start and maintain this relationship can be daunting, while finding information and advice specific to your horse’s age and activity level can be cumbersome.
To connect horse owners with this important information, and to help strengthen the bonds with their veterinarians, Merck Animal Health and Purina Animal Nutrition have partnered to create Horse Care for Life™, an interactive equine healthcare program focused on specific life stages of the horse. The program is designed to create a higher level of engagement and partnership between the horse owner and veterinarian, which ultimately leads to better health for the horse.
Every horse has unique healthcare needs, so Horse Care for Life™ is designed by equine veterinarians with Merck Animal Health and Purina Ph.D. equine nutritionists to provide owners with expert information tailored specifically to their horse’s age and activity level. And whether you are a breeder, professional competitor or weekend pleasure rider, you’ll find customized health care solutions for every horse in your barn, and receive trusted, in-depth information to better manage your horse’s health.
Because it is available only through your veterinarian, Horse Care for Life™ creates a higher level of engagement and partnership, ultimately providing the best possible care for your horse.
When you register for a free account, you’ll have access to a wealth of online tools and resources including:
  • Customized profiles for each horse that track growth, vaccinations and deworming
  • Veterinarian-developed healthcare information tailored to any life stage including
                                       o   Broodmare and foal
                                       o   Young horse
                                       o   Adult – pleasure and performance
                                       o   Senior
  • In-depth information on physiology, immunology, breeding and parasitology
  • Important nutritional guidelines that match the needs of a horse’s age and activity levels
  • Timely electronic notifications and reminders customized to your horse’s life stage
  • The ability to manage and retrieve records from anywhere

To find out how you can join the exclusive Horse Care for Life™ program, contact your veterinarian or visit