Nutritional Solutions Tested Around the Country

Mary Beth Gordon, Ph.D.

Director of Equine Research and New Product Development

Because we care about real-life results for your horse.

Our Purina Animal Nutrition Center is truly like no other. The Farm, as we call it, is unique in the world of equine nutrition, and the heart and soul of our research program. This is where every Purina® horse feed starts, where we do the research it takes to create nutritional solutions for your horse, and where our 70-plus horses show us the benefits of our feeds for digestive physiology, exercise, breeding, growth, palatability and more.

But this is only the beginning. The next question all horse owners ask is, “Okay, but will this be the right feed for my horse, in my circumstance?” That’s why we conduct field trials across the country: to test our feeds and formulations in various scenarios to make sure they will be successful.

Our trials at the Farm are very controlled. We measure every bite of concentrate and hay. But, we need to see how feeds perform in different facilities, with different breeds of horses and under different management conditions. We need to know, for example, that Purina® SuperSport doesn’t just make our quarter horses run faster on the treadmill, it also helps warmblood horses gain muscle and perform better in the show ring.

We also test palatability. Like kids who’ve had a varied diet placed in front of them from day one, our horses are used to all kinds of flavors. But we need to know that the same feeds will also appeal to a thoroughbred racehorse under the strain of rigorous training, competing and moving from track to track.
And we need to hear from managers, trainers and riders: Is the feed easy to scoop, weigh and measure? Is it freezing in the winter or too sticky in the summer? Are the horses performing as expected on a certain formula?
We know these details are important to you when you’re feeding your horse, so they are important to us, too. That is why we do field trials in addition to all our work at the farm: Real-life results make our products the best they can be. 

Some of the breeds in our field trials:
ArabiansNutritional Solutions Tested Around the Country
Quarter horse, ranch-bred/performance
Quarter horse, halter
Quarter horse, racing/performance
Quarter horse, show/performance
Thoroughbred, racing
Thoroughbred, show/performance
Mixed-breed school horses
Mixed-breed senior horses
Warmbloods, breeding
Warmbloods, performance
Draft horses and crosses
Rehab horses
Mixed-breed pleasure horses