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speak louder
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speak louder
than words.


Lessons from the Farm

What we’ve learned can help you care for the wildlife on your land.


Give Your Wildlife the Best Nutrition Possible

We offer a variety of wildlife feeds and supplements that contain the highest-quality ingredients. So you can find what’s best for your animals.

Information from Our Wildlife Experts

Animal experts at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center share their knowledge about wildlife.

What are the potential dangers to deer if they consume too much starch?
Like all ruminants, deer need a proper rumen environment to maintain the populations of microbes that digest the plants they eat. Normal rumen pH is very mildly acidic. However, too much starch, especially if consumed in a short time, results in a great deal of lactic acid being produced in the rumen. This drops the pH, making the rumen much more acidic and killing off the vital microbes. This can result in founder, acidosis and even death.

Our Passion is Our Work

At the Purina Animal Nutrition Center we’ve been living and working with the animals every day since 1926 Because that’s what it takes to develop the highest quality animal nutrition possible.

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