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Proper game fish feed and nutrition is one of the key management factors required to establish and maintain a successful fish population in a pond.

Especially valuable is having an adequate crop of "forage" fish. These are smaller fish, such as minnows, bluegill and small catfish. A sufficient population of these fish will provide the "food" that larger fish such as bass and trout will need to prey upon to thrive. A supplemental fish feeding program will help ensure a consistent food supply for the sport fish in your pond. Supplemental feeding will also attract forage fish to a specific area in a larger body of water such as a lake or river, which, in turn, draws in and holds a larger sport fish population.

To maximize the results of a supplemental feeding program, proper pond management practices are recommended. This includes monitoring water quality components such as temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and fertility. Algae and weed growth also need to be controlled. Lastly, removing undesired "wild" fish and selectively harvesting any excess fish will keep the total fish population in balance. Taking these steps can ensure a thriving ecosystem that will enhance the longevity of your fish, and increase your recreation and enjoyment of this aquatic resource.