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1,200 acres

of rolling hills and woods

65 Horses

including quarter horses and a handful of thoroughbreds

More than 100 people

including Ph.D.s, veterinarians and engineers

More than 100 patents

granted and counting for feed innovations

300 Holstein cows

that average more than 85 pounds of milk a day

300 acres

dedicated to beef research

The Heart and Soul of All We Do

The Purina Animal Nutrition Center sits in the rolling hills of Gray Summit, Missouri. And it’s where everything happens.


Since Purina was founded in 1894, we’ve conducted more than 24,000 animal nutrition studies.


We have 3,000 animals and 100 farm employees to feed and care for them.


With our onsite feed mill, we can mix the animal nutrition formulations our researchers develop, make sure we can produce them consistently and test them in the field.


We use Constant Nutrition® formulation. That means we assess our ingredients and make refinements to our formulations to make up for naturally varying levels of nutrients.

Large Animal Metabolism Unit

In our large animal metabolism unit, we test how feed ingredients are digested and work to increase intake and digestibility of those ingredients to make sure that what the animals are eating is giving them the nutrients they need.


We have numerous specialized tools on our farm to measure and record animal response so we can see the exact results of our work.


We were the first to support weight gain in weaning piglets with a unique gel formulation.

We have 4,000 to 5,000 visitors a year at the Purina® Animal Nutrition Center.

The Farm

Producers, veterinarians, customers and Purina Certified Expert Dealers visit our farm to understand what goes into our feeds and learn more about animal nutrition.

  • Jill Davidson Director, Dairy Research...
  • Ron Scott, Ph.D. Director of Beef Research
  • Mary Beth Gordon, Ph.D. Director of Equine Res...
  • John H. Mahoney, DVM Director of Veterinary...