Purina® PROPEL® Energy Plus Balance Supplement

Purina® PROPEL® Energy Plus Balance Supplement

Balancing dietary fat is critical for milk volume, milk fat and retaining body reserves for sustained performance. The quality and quantity of dietary fat is important to support intake, optimal levels of milk production and milk fat content, especially for sustained lactation without depleting body reserves. PROPEL® Energy Plus Balance supplement provides fat that is palatable, correctly balanced and easy to handle. Increasing milk fat can often be an income opportunity and feeding palmitic acid (C16:0), a fully saturated fatty acid, is a generally accepted way to increase milk fat. However, the right balance of fatty acids, including C16:0 and C18:0 sources, is best to achieve production and economic goals. Purina research shows that to optimize this approach for overall animal performance without losing body reserves, it is best to feed a research-proven blend of C16:0 and C18:0 fatty acids like PROPEL® Energy Plus Balance supplement, that is cost effective and can minimize on-farm handling issues.

Features & Benefits

Optimizes the fatty acid profile

Specifically C16:0 to C18:0 

Supports milk volume, milk fat and body reserves

Highly palatable

Particularly versus non-extruded products

Extruded nugget form

Handles well and enhances overall digestibility