ClariFly® Add-Pack Fly Control

ClariFly® Add-Pack Fly Control

Buzzing flies are irritating for both you and your calves. Moreover, flies can increase spread of disease and interfere with feed intake to negatively impact calf growth. ClariFly® Add-Pack is a feed-through fly control additive to help support a more comfortable environment for dairy calves. 

Features & Benefits

Control Disease Spread 

ClariFly® Add-Pack helps reduce the spread of dairy calf health issues by reducing fly populations that grow in calf manure, including: house flies, face flies, stable flies and horn flies. 

Calf Comfort 

Mixing ClariFly® Add-Pack in calf milk replacer or pasteurized milk can help improve calf comfort by reducing the annoyance of buzzing fly populations.   

Feeding Directions


ClariFly® Mixing Instructions

Mix ClariFly® with calf milk replacer or pasteurized milk. Dosage is relative to calf body weight. Follow label directions for more mixing instructions.
Best Results

Begin feeding ClariFly® in early spring, 30 days before flies appear. Continue feeding throughout summer and fall until 30 days after the first frost.