VanderMade Dairy Brings Dairy Sustainability to the Forefront

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Today’s dairy farmers are using technology to gain efficiencies that are not only good for the environment, but also provide more value to their business. Nobody knows this better than Lambert VanderMade, owner of VanderMade and FreshMade Dairies in Sherwood, Ohio.
“Our mission has always been to produce a safe and nutritious product with our community, environment and animals in mind,” says Lambert. “It’s the responsibility of every farmer who uses natural resources to use them responsibly.”
Learn how VanderMade Dairy is embracing technology, dairy nutrition and resource efficiency to support sustainable milk production.


How VanderMade Dairy focuses on sustainability

  • VanderMade Dairy uses cutting-edge dairy technology, ranging from robotic milkers to a ventilation system controlled by a weather station, to support sustainable practices, while also putting their cows first.
  • Lambert successfully aligns his feed ration to the needs of his cows with the help of his Purina nutritionist. By focusing on high producing cows, the dairy can reduce environmental impact while maintaining profitability.
  • Lambert built an additional farm specifically designed for mature cows, FreshMade Dairy, to focus on cow comfort and herd longevity. The 600-cow facility also incorporates dairy technology to become more labor efficient, supporting more sustainable milk production.
  • Providing quality dairy nutrition and attention to management and care ensures VanderMade Dairy remains sustainable.
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