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Purina® poultry feeds start at the Purina backyard chicken coops, are made throughout the United States by more than 60 local feed mills and then available locally. Follow the chicken feed journey in this video series featuring The Chicken Chick and Julie, the Garden Fairy.
People frequently ask questions about where their food comes. Have you ever wondered how chicken feed is made?
Your flock’s crumbles or pellets may be made closer to home than you think. From America’s farms to your coop, here’s the story behind Purina® poultry feed:

How Purina Animal Nutrition makes chicken feedInfographic with steps of how Purina<sup>®</sup> Animal Nutrition makes chicken feed locally from the Purina farm to local mills and local retailers

At Purina, we’ve been feeding greatness with the help of American farmers for 125 years.
It all starts at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Missouri, where we raise backyard chickens just like our customers. We work with backyard chickens each day, assuring our feeds are formulated specifically to help backyard birds start and stay Flock Strong®.
Our feed formulations are then fulfilled with the help of America’s farmers and more than 60 local feed mills throughout the United States. We source top-quality grains from U.S. farmers and test feed at every step to meet our gold standard of quality assurance.
As a part of Land O’ Lakes, Inc., we’re proud to be part of a farmer-owned cooperative. Purina is available through more than 4,700 local cooperatives, independent retailers and stores throughout the country. 

Video library: The journey of Purina® chicken feed

Check out this video series with The Chicken Chick and Julie, the Garden Fairy to meet many of the faces behind the Purina® poultry feed bag:

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