Feed Greatness® Challenge

The Oyster Strong® System helps keep your girls happy and healthy while producing nutritious eggs for your family.

Feed Greatness® Challenge

The Oyster Strong® System helps keep your girls happy and healthy while producing nutritious eggs for your family.

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The Results Are In: Purina Layena Success Stories

"I'm really happy with this product and so are my hens. Winter time means less feed for them to forage in the yard, so increasing the feed volume of the Layena makes up for difference. The girls are happy and remain producing a high volume of eggs through out the year."

User Nickname: Mark Kw

"My 23 hens love to free range but they don't like to walk in the snow. Purina Layena + Free Range provided a great solution without losing the benefits of Layena.  The chickens came out of their molting cycle looking great!  Happy chickens, happy coop!"  

User Nickname: Grandma Duck

"I purchased this product recently after trying other Purina branded items for my girls. We took the Purina challenge and my birds seem much healthier and happier than they did last year on other brands. I recently found this and it is an excellent way to get your birds that extra protein and food that they would get by foraging for it. Some days my girls are not able to get out and hunt bugs and other things, this is a wonderfully addition to their regular diet, but has everything they need for a complete everyday feed. Thanks Purina! AS always, you go above and beyond for our animals."

User Nickname: dragonschild

"I was happy to find this feed. My flock free range and I knew their diet needs were different than caged birds, I just didn’t know what feed would be best. They look great and egg production is great too" 

User Nickname: Brittinie
"I tried the Purina® Feed Greatness® Challenge for 3 months and noticed a difference in my small flock. My chickens were just finishing their molt and I think Purina Layena helped them get through it quicker.They are more active, appear healthier, and their egg quality has improved in yokes, shells and quantity. I would advise anyone interested in improving their flock to take the Purina 3 month challenge, they will be glad they did." 

Dennis D.
"When I saw that Purina had a new chicken feed that mimics the diet my girls get during their free ranging in warmer weather, I was anxious to try it. I'm so glad I did!! Not only did I start using it before the first bug-killing freeze, it just so happened that it also coincided with my girls starting to molt when they need extra protein anyway! Out of 28 chickens, only one of them had what I would consider to be a "hard molt". Not only did the rest have a MUCH easier molt, but the feathers growing back in are simply unbelievably gorgeous! My girls have vibrant coloring with their new feathers!! Thanks Purina for decades of letting us know just how incredible you really are!" 

User Nickname: DonnaFreak
"The Purina® Layena® pellets helped my girls through their fall molt and gave them the energy needed to endure the several January days and nights below freezing into the teens! We're already getting 4-5 eggs daily from my flock of 8! My girls are happy and that makes me happy!"

Sandra H.
"We have a number of show birds that are kept on a wire floor and never get to free range. I have always believed that animal protein was important as chickens in the wild are omnivores and we have always noticed how many bugs our laying hens eat when hey are free ranging. We gave this a try and it was clear that our hens loved it so our show birds get this and Purina Flock Raiser and nothing else. We have several pens of buff and red cochin bantams are it has really helped bring out their color. They have a beautiful sheen now on their feathers and I am convinced that it is the protein in this feed." 

User Nickname: Rtucker607

Disclaimer: These customer stories are about their animals and are provided as an individual’s experience with Purina products and are not a representation of actual results that can be guaranteed. Because of factors outside of Purina Animal Nutrition LLC’s control, individual results to be obtained, including but not limited to: financial performance, animal condition, health or performance cannot be predicted or guaranteed by Purina Animal Nutrition LLC.

* The Feed Greatness Challenge is open to consumers, one trial per 12 months, per household. If you have participated in a trial within the last 12 months, you will not receive a coupons or emails.