Spread kindness this summer.

Join Purina in #OperationFreshEgg!

Spread kindness this summer.

Join Purina in #OperationFreshEgg!

It’s been a long year, flock friends. It’s time to do what you do best: put some smiles on faces and spread a little love with your delicious backyard eggs!

Here’s what we’re planning. On June 3, National Egg Day, Purina is kicking off a nationwide, flock community act of kindness, #OperationFreshEgg! Each year Purina donates thousands of eggs locally from our feathered friends at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, and this year we’d like you to join us in our mission to spread kindness.

We hatched up this idea because there are so many new backyard flocks (we estimate about 1 million new households joined the backyard chicken movement in 2020!) and there are now more fresh eggs than ever before. It’s time everyone gets to experience the happiness and joy of eating a truly fresh egg.

Join us in #OperationFreshEgg and together we’ll spread love and kindness one fresh egg carton at a time!

Operation Fresh Egg Infographic

It’s the feel-good movement of the summer!

Our mission to spread kindness through fresh eggs was inspired by our incredible and generous Purina Flock community. Let’s work together to make small acts of kindness add up in a big way. Don’t forget to share your stories using hashtag #OperationFreshEgg on Instagram and Facebook!

Neighbors in need

Ben K. is an ICU nurse in Queens, NY, who opened his backyard to high-risk individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Families with children who have disabilities, elderly people and families who just needed a break from their homes were invited for one-on-one sessions with Ben’s hens. Each visitor was given much-needed chicken therapy as well as fresh eggs to take home.

Family and friends

“I just give my extra eggs to friends and family members! I love to give them to people that haven’t ever had farm fresh, real, free-range eggs!”
– Tracy L.B., Purina Poultry Facebook fan

Local hospital

“We have 14 free-ranging hens, and we donate all our leftover eggs to the local hospital where my husband is a provider. The hospital started a local food “prescription program” to help provide nutritional foods to low-income people in the rural community we live in. We also give tons of eggs to our friends, neighbors and co-workers.”
– Elizabeth A., Purina Poultry Facebook fan

Church dinners

“I give 10 to 12 dozen eggs to our local church for Wednesday nights to feed the kids in the children’s ministry. I have also given to the local food pantry that feeds the needy each day.”
– Denise T., Purina Poultry Facebook fan

Dog lovers

“I trade eggs with my neighbors, and in return I meet new people and get amazing homemade dog treats for my dogs made with my eggs!”
– La Lania H., Purina Poultry Facebook fan