Do You Believe the Perfect Animal Exists?

Do you think it’s impossible to achieve the perfect animal? Kirk Stierwalt put that idea to the test and teamed up with a group of computer graphics artists to create his version of a perfect show steer.

the Pursuit of Perfection.

We paired one of our Honor® Show Ambassadors, Kirk Stierwalt, with CGI artists to create his perfect show steer which highlights the features he believes are award winning. From photographs to base structures to the final result, Kirk’s vision played an integral part through every step.

We know that perfection is an ongoing journey, but with the right nutrition you can achieve your vision of a champion steer. To keep the conversation going, check out our Purina Show Facebook page.

Kirk’s Champion Steer.

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“Proper nutrition, management and daily care is what’s going to make your clipping and fitting look its best.”
- Kirk Stierwalt
Kirk Stierwalt

Kirk’s Tips on Raising Your Perfect Show Steer.

When it comes to raising the perfect show steer, it’s much easier said than done. So that’s why Kirk Stierwalt is sharing with us his tips on raising the perfect show steer.

  1. Show cattle are a time game, as with anything competitive. You put in the time, good results will happen.
  2. Good cattle deserve good feed.
  3. Proper nutrition, management and daily care is what’s going to make your clipping and fitting look its best!
  4. For ring presentation and showmanship, your cattle must know their job. Set them up frequently and work with them. Repetitive practice works when leading.
  5. Command your cattle; don’t let your cattle command you.

The Process of Perfection.

View Kirk’s process on creating his perfect show steer with a CGI artist.

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Steer 360 View

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