Spread kindness this summer.

Join Purina in #OperationFreshEgg!

Spread kindness this summer.

Join Purina in #OperationFreshEgg!

Is there any better feeling than sharing your fresh eggs with a friend, neighbor, or co-worker?

For the second year, Purina is kicking off a nationwide, flock community act of kindness, #OperationFreshEgg. Each year Purina donates thousands of eggs locally from our feathered friends at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, and we’d like to invite you to join us in our mission to spread kindness. It’s time everyone gets to experience the happiness and joy of eating a truly fresh egg.

Together we’ll spread love and kindness one egg carton at a time!

During the month of August:

  • Head out to your coop and collect fresh eggs from your girls.

  • Download, print and attach your own #OperationFreshEgg egg carton toppers (see below).

  • Share your backyard eggs with anyone who could use a little kindness in their life – family, friends, neighbors, teachers, coaches, delivery workers, volunteers, healthcare workers, food banks, food programs, church groups, etc.!

  • Then, inspire others to share their eggs by capturing your act of kindness with the hashtag #OperationFreshEgg and sharing it on Instagram by tagging @PurinaFeedGreatness or on the Facebook page by tagging @PurinaFlock.

In 2021, we accomplished sharing over 4,000 eggs during Operation Fresh Egg. Together in 2022, let's beat that number.


It’s the feel-good movement of the summer!

Our mission to spread kindness through fresh eggs is inspired by our incredible and generous Purina Flock community. Let’s work together to make small acts of kindness add up in a big way. Don’t forget to share your stories using hashtag #OperationFreshEgg on Instagram and Facebook!