Feed Greatness™ Challenge

Try Purina's new Outlast™ Supplement

Feed Greatness™ Challenge

Try Purina's new Outlast™ Supplement

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

At the National Finals Rodeo, everyone focuses on those critical 13.8 seconds when a horse makes its run. But what about all the days, weeks, and months before? It’s a long road to the NFR. That’s where all the hard work goes in. And that is where Outlast™ supplement shines. It supports gastric health every step of the way to the finals. So your horse can focus on the things it needs to do. Like winning. Try it before your competition does.

Why Purina?

At Purina, we measure greatness by the animals we feed. It’s what drives our research to maximize the potential of every animal, year in and year out. Because if there’s greatness on the inside, there’s greatness on the outside.

Our expertise is backed by:

  • 90 years of research in animal nutrition

  • 24,000 animal nutrition studies

  • 90+ nutrition scientists, Ph.D. and veterinarians

  • 125 patents approved

  • 235 nutritional solutions for 24 species

No other company matches our legacy and commitment to animal nutrition research

What is the Feed Greatness Challenge?

Our Feed Greatness™ Challenge was designed to give horse owners an opportunity to try our feed for 60 days. We understand that every horse is unique and so is their nutrition. Finding the right horse feeding program is paramount to helping your horse perform and feel their best. We strongly encourage all participants to collaborate with their local Purina retailer to select the right feed for their horse to ensure a successful Challenge.

Here’s how the Challenge works:
  1. Fill out the Feed Greatness™ Challenge form on this page.
  2. We will send you two digital buy 1, get 1 free horse feed coupons via email to redeem at your local retailer.
  3. Download the materials needed to help you conduct the feeding challenge.
  4. Talk with your local retailer to determine the proper feed for your horse based on age, activity level, forage conditions and more. You can also request a Purina weight tape.
  5. The day you begin feeding Purina (day 1) take a photo of your horse. Label this the ‘before’ photo.
  6. Over the next 60 days, monitor your horse’s performance and health and utilize the materials to help guide you.
  7. At the end of 60 days, take another photo of your horse and label this the ‘after’ photo.
  8. Share your journey, including the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos with us on our Facebook page.
  9. Rate your product either during or after the challenge.
  10. We will send you a survey after 60 days to get your candid feedback on your overall experience.

Expect to hear from us by email every 15 days from when you start the Feed Greatness™ Challenge. We’ll be sharing what changes you should expect to see in your horse along with relevant educational information. 60 days will fly by and we will be here every step of the way. Even more information will be provided once you have officially signed up for the Feed Greatness™ Challenge.

How to Contact Purina During Your Feed Greatness Challenge?

Team Purina is standing by to answer any questions you might have and will be by your side along the way. Contact us using any method you feel most comfortable with:

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