Calculate Your Horse’s Feed Needs

With the Purina Feed Calculator, you can ensure your horse is getting the correct amount of feed based on their lifestyle, body weight and forage intake.

This tool is meant to be a guideline and uses averages and estimates for horse metabolism, forage quality, and intensity of workload. All of these factors can affect the feeding recommendations for an individual horse.


Choose the lifestyle that best describes your horse currently. Then select the level or lifestage.


Select the closest weight for your horse. Note: weights will change based on lifestyle selected.

Forage Intake

Select the amount that most closely describes how much hay or pasture your horse consumes per day. You may also check the box below if your horse cannot adequately chew or digest forage due to dental or digestive concerns.

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Why Calculating the Right Amount of Feed Matters

Your horse’s appearance is important, but it’s not the only way to know if you are feeding the correct amount. There are many feeds that could be appropriate for your horse, but they have different calorie counts. You want to choose one you can feed at the appropriate rate. Feed too little and your horse may be missing out on important nutrients. Feed too much and it’s a sign you may not be using the feed that best fits your horse, and you should switch to a more efficient option (and maybe save money along the way!)

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