Success Starts Before the Competition

Purina® show pig feeds have new, innovative technology: Just what your ultra-modern show pig needs to become a champion.

Success Starts Before the Competition

Purina® show pig feeds have new, innovative technology: Just what your ultra-modern show pig needs to become a champion.

Putting Show Pig Gut Health First

It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of show pigs experience gastric health issues affecting overall performance. That’s why Purina® Honor® Show pig feeds and High Octane® show supplements include new, innovative technologies to keep the gut healthy.

Alleviate Gastric Support Supplement
Supports gastric health during times of digestive stress

Ambitine® Feed Technology
Optimizes immunocompetence and gut integrity for top performance See All Products

A Complete Show Pig Feeding Program

The foundation for showring success is first and foremost a healthy show pig.

Purina® show pig feeds are designed show pigs at every stage, from starter feeds to grower-finisher feeds. Fuel the full potential of your ultra-modern show pigs with our complete show pig feed portfolio.


Complete Nursing Program

The First Wean pig starter program maps the route for a great start.

For 12-15 lb pigs: First Wean 219
For 15-25 lb pigs: First Wean 319
For 25-50 lb pigs: First Wean 519

Then, transition to the Growing/Finishing Program.


Growing/Finishing Program

The Growing/Finishing program builds upon the First Wean™ program.

For 40-100 lb pigs: Muscle & Fill 719
For 100-200 lb pigs: Muscle & Cover 819
For 200+ lb pigs: Magic Bullet® 919

Showpig Base and Baseline 619 are two more options for growing pigs.


Show Pig Supplements

Complement your feeding program with supplements for specific show pig needs.

For muscle development: Champion Drive
For muscle build and growth: Showpig Paylean® 900
For muscling and trim: Fitter 35®
For weight management: Powerfill®
For fill and volume: Depth Charge®
For lower body fill: Ultra Full®
For condition and growth: Power Fuel®
For fat cover: Heavy Weight®


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