Sometimes the big breakthrough is smaller than you think.

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Sometimes the big breakthrough is smaller than you think.

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A big advance in equine microbiome science is coming in

Thank you, equine community. 

The groundbreaking microbiome research that Purina Animal Nutrition is conducting wouldn’t be possible without the help of horse owners across the country. To those of you who sent in one or more of the over 4500 samples from your own horses, to help build our one-of-a-kind microbiome database, we are so grateful for your assistance. Thanks to you, we’ve deepened and broadened our understanding of the equine microbiome and are making new discoveries that will have game-changing effects on horse health.


The quest to unlock the mystery of the equine microbiome.

Understanding how to support the optimal balance of the equine microbiome starts with understanding what a healthy microbiome SHOULD look like. Through next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics, we have developed a unique understanding of the equine microbiome, identifying factors most likely to influence the health and performance of your horse.

Years in the making.

We have been hard at work for over a decade building a new part of our research program to focus solely on what we see as the next frontier in nutrition, the equine microbiome.

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