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Raising beef-on-dairy cattle can provide producers an opportunity to maximize their profit potential and deliver a high-quality, consistent product to the beef supply chain. Grounded in research from Purina, shift the way you manage these calves by filling nutritional gaps to optimize growth and profit.

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The Purina® PrimeStart Advantage

The proactive, proven program

The PrimeStartä Nutrition Program is a holistic program specifically formulated to support the unique nutritional needs of beef-on-dairy cattle to promote growth and vigor while maximizing profit potential. This program contains the protein necessary for more consistent weight gain and efficient feed conversion.  According to Purina research, carcass ultrasounds from 12-week-old calves fed PrimeStart showed that feeding a higher plane of nutrition increased muscularity, yielding a larger ribeye area while maintaining appropriate back and rump fat. When you leverage the PrimeStart Nutrition Program, the value of this production strategy can be fully realized.

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A first of its kind solution

With record low native beef herd numbers and a growing demand for high-quality beef, beef-on-dairy programs have the opportunity to stabilize the beef supply, if done right. When started, fed and managed in alignment with research-supported guidance, dairy producers can solidify this value-added revenue stream for their operation.

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You can only start them once

The first weeks of a calf’s life set the stage for a lifetime of health and productivity. Purina research demonstrates that you can achieve healthy, efficient growth in beef-on-dairy calves when the preweaning phase is at least 8 weeks. Analysis conducted at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center found that feeding high quantities of starter too early in life can damage gut tissue. Therefore, beef-on-dairy calves can benefit from a milk replacer and starter feed that prioritizes muscle gain. This is a cornerstone of the PrimeStart™ Nutrition Program, supporting the production of resilient, consistent, efficient and healthy cattle that produce high-quality beef.

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