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If your season is complete, enter the Honor Roll WinID for your highest win this season.

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NOTE: you can redeem one Honor Roll award per season. If you are still competing, we encourage you to wait to finish this step, and instead continue to submit your wins. Finally when your season is over you can come back to this page to redeem your Honor Roll award by submitting your biggest win of the year!

To find your way back to this page go to www.purinamills.com/honorroll and click "Finish previous submission".

You’ve worked hard for your win and deserve fantastic swag! You’ve got to look good in the barn, right?

Based off the level of your win, you are eligible to select 1 award from the following choices.

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Please upload a copy of your receipt reflecting the purchase of either Honor® Show and/or High Octane® products within the last 6 months to be eligible to receive your Honor Roll™ award.

Once submitted your order cannot be changed

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Please Note: Awards will take 6-8 weeks to be delivered.

Even though you have now claimed your Honor Roll award for the year, continue to share your Purina fed wins for additional entries into our Honor Roll™ Sweepstakes.




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