When it’s All Over, it’s Not What You’ve Taught Them, it’s What They've Taught You.


Congratulations to our Winners

Hard work and dedication. It’s what winners put into their show projects…and it’s what goes into every bag of Honor® Show Chow®…Congratulations Winners!

Lauren Bilderback

Grand Champion Steer

Tulsa State Fair
Shelby Henry

Reserve Supreme Gilt

San Antonio Stock Show
Jordan Schroeder

Grand Champion Market Lamb

San Antonio Stock Show
Braden Grady

Grand Champion Market Goat

Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo
Toree Fraze

Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb

San Antonio Stock Show
Russ Hargrove

Grand Champion Lamb

American Royal
Rachel Chabot

Grand Champion Market Lamb

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
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      Give Your Show Animals the Best Nutrition Possible

      We offer a variety of show animal feeds and supplements that contain the highest-quality ingredients. So you can find what’s best for your show animals.

      Honor® Show Chow® Feeding Strategies


      Lessons from the Farm

      What we’ve learned can help your animals get the show look they need and the wins you want.

      Information from Our Show Animal Experts

      Animal experts at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center share their knowledge about show animals

      What is Paylean® and what does it do for show pigs?
      Paylean® is the trade name for Elanco’s ractopamine hydrochloride. Simply put, Paylean® shifts nutrients into synthesizing lean or muscle in show pigs, and away from fat deposition. Paylean® does not increase the number of muscle fibers, but rather increases the size of existing muscle fibers.


      The Industry’s Best
      Believe in Us

      Our talented ambassador team is nationally recognized. These accomplished professionals devote their time and effort to share their knowledge and skill with the youth and families of this industry.