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Lessons from the Farm

What we’ve learned can help you care for your horses and return the happiness they bring you.

Information from Our Horse Experts

Animal experts at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center share their knowledge about horses.

How much feed and pasture should I allow my horse?
Most formulated feeds are designed to be fed at a minimum of 3.5 to 4 pounds per day in order to meet all protein, vitamin and mineral requirements when fed with hay or pasture. There are situations today where horse owners have very well-managed, improved pastures or top-quality harvested forage, like alfalfa hay. These forages contain more calories and are available to the horse in greater quantities than what Mother Nature usually provides. When horses have access to free-choice top-quality pasture or hay, they will easily eat 3 percent of their body weight or more, which will provide more calories than needed for a maintenance or low-activity lifestyle.

Video Lessons from the Farm

Learn more horse feeding and caring tips from our Purina Nutrition Experts.

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