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Lessons from the Farm

What we’ve learned can help you care for your horses and return the happiness they bring you.

Information from Our Horse Experts

Animal experts at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center share their knowledge about horses.

Are unusual eating behaviors harmful to horses?
Unusual oral behaviors in horses include coprophagy and geophagia. Parasite infestation is a primary concern in animals with coprophagy, or eating manure, so routine cleaning of facilities and a good deworming program is important. Although geophagia, or eating dirt, is generally harmless, consumption of sandy soil can cause colic or diarrhea. If a horse’s diet is adequate, the horse is healthy and other factors are not evident, it may be boredom that is causing these eating behaviors. Decreasing time spent in confinement, providing a companion and increasing exercise may help alleviate the problem.

Video Lessons from the Farm

Learn more horse feeding and caring tips from our Purina Nutrition Experts.

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