PROPEL® Technologies

Propel® Technologies solve the energy challenge in fresh and lactating cow diets. They include three different palatable fat supplements for higher peaks, intake support, and increased milk and component yields.

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PROPEL® CHO Transition

PROPEL® CHO Transition delivers a starch technology to support fresh cow energy needs to reach their peak, maintain intake, and increase milk and component yields by helping jump start the rumen – anytime energy balance is compromised, this product has a place in the ration.

PROPEL® Energy Nugget

PROPEL® Energy Nugget delivers the high-density energy that lactating and fresh cows need to support intake and meet energy demands in an easy-to-handle, palatable nugget form.

PROPEL® Energy Plus Supplement

PROPEL® Energy Plus Supplement supplies an economical, concentrated saturated fat supplement to support energy demands in a palatable and easy-to-handle form helping maintain rumen stability and maximizing production without sacrificing milk fat.