Nicholas Mayer

Nicholas Mayer, DVM

Calf and Heifer Specialist – Wisconsin



University of Minnesota


Nick is a cattle veterinarian with a special interest in calves. With so much focus on the lactating herd, Nick thinks calves are sometimes the “forgotten child” on the farm – but he aims to change that one herd at a time.

On farm, Nick might train a calf team on how to process calves, do a feeding observation (watching employees feed calves for a shift) or be part of a farm leadership meeting. In all cases, he serves as a voice for the calves – and tries to connect the dots from calf feeder to farm owner. Because when the dots are connected, progress occurs.

Nick earned his bachelor’s degree and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Nick relies heavily on his veterinary degree to help him make sound, science-backed decisions – which are needed quickly when calves get sick.

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