Casey L. Bradley

Casey L. Bradley, Ph.D.

Technical Manager, National Swine Sales Team



University of Arkansas


According to family legend, Casey wasn’t born … she was farrowed. A self-proclaimed “simple farm girl with a Ph.D.,” Casey has had boots in the hog barn her entire life.

Casey has made it her business to share what’s she’s learned in the barn and the lab. She’s traveled the world speaking and writing about enzyme applications, feed ingredients and global nutrition. Casey has worked on swine operations of all kinds, but her current focus is helping Purina’s national team find specific nutrition solutions for the array of challenges in integrated pork production.

Casey completed her Ph.D. in animal science at the University of Arkansas with a focus on improving reproductive efficiency, reducing lameness and supporting longevity in gilts and sows. Prior to joining Purina Animal Nutrition, Casey worked with AB Vista, Kalmbach Feeds and New Fashion Pork.

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