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Rich Fellers



Derby and Grand Prix winner, Rich Fellers, has a reputation as one of the best speed riders of all time. The Olympian has earned very high respect from his fans and peers. Rich and his wife Shelley, along with their son, Chris, run Rich Fellers Stables LLC. At his stables, Rich stresses horsemanship and making decisions based on what is best for the horse. The Fellers call their business in International Show Jumping a "family affair."

Rich began riding horses at 11-years-old when he was given an Appaloosa for his birthday. Since, Rich's career has been remarkably successful.

Career highlights include:

  • 1991: Bronze Medal Winner- Pan American Games, Havannah, Cuba
  • 1998: North American Champion- Spruce Meadows- Calgary, Alberta
  • 1999: Rode the leading ASHA Leading Grand Prix Horse of the Year- "Stealth Sprenger"
  • 2000: Winn of $200K Grand Prix in New York - Madison Square Garden
  • 2005: Rode the USEF Leading Grand Prix Horse of the Year- "McGuiness"
  • 2008: 2nd FEI World Cup Finals - Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2012: Winner FEI World Cup Finals- S'hertongenbosch, Netherlands
  • 2012: Olympic Games team member- Show jumping- London, England
  • 2012: 8th place finish Olympic Games- London England
  • 2015: 2nd $100K Grand Prix of Del Mar
  • 2015: Winner $60K Grand Prix of Show Park- Del Mar, CA
  • 2015: Winner $60K Trans Canada Par Cours De Chasse- Spruce Meadows National
  • 2015: Winner $34K 1.45mm Friends of the Meadows Cup Derby- Spruce Meadows Pan American
  • 2015: 6th $400K Pan American Cup - Spruce Meadows Pan American

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