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Purina® Organic layer feed now includes the Oyster Strong® System

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Shoreview, Minn. [June 15, 2018] – Purina Animal Nutrition announces Purina® Organic layer feed now includes the exclusive Oyster Strong® System. This means all the calcium hens need to stay healthy and lay strong-shelled eggs is included in the bag – no supplements needed.
This feed reformulation follows enhancements made to Purina’s conventional layer feeds in 2016.
“Since adding the Oyster Strong® System to our conventional layer feeds, our backyard flock community has enjoyed the convenience of not needing to supplement,” says Katie Signorelli, backyard flock marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition. “We love hearing from customers who have noticed strong, protective shells and healthy hens. We wanted organic flock raisers to enjoy the same benefits, so we incorporated the Oyster Strong® System into Purina® Organic Layer crumbles and pellets.”
With this change, Purina® Organic layer feed includes all 38 unique nutrients hens need to stay strong and lay strong-shelled eggs. The feed can be fed as a hen’s sole ration.

Why the Oyster Strong® System matters:

Most layer feeds include only small particle calcium. Hens eat feed and digest this calcium quickly. Then when they go to sleep and begin forming eggshells, the calcium from their diet has been used and is no longer available for egg formation. Without a consistent supply of calcium, hens will pull calcium from their bones to make eggshells, which can weaken their skeletal structure.
The Oyster Strong® System includes both small and large particle sources of calcium. Including large particle sources of calcium helps it to breaks down slowly to ensure a supply of calcium is available at night when hens are forming eggs. If you choose a Purina® layer feed with the exclusive Oyster Strong® System, the calcium hens need to produce strong, protective eggshells is included in every bite.
The Oyster Strong® System is now included in the full Purina® layer feed line, including: Purina® Organic, Purina® Layena® and Purina® Layena® Plus Omega-3.
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