Milk Replacers Program

Attain above average growth performance.

Full Potential

A full potential plane of nutrition, delivering at least 2.5 pounds of dry matter per day, is recommended as the best calf feeding plan to promote optimal health and growth, efficient, productivity and to achieve a calf’s full genetic potential.


A growth level calf milk replacer delivers a plane of nutrition of at least 1.5 pounds of dry matter per day to meet the a minimum level of nutrition to support healthy calf growth and development.


Naturally inconsistent levels of fat and protein in waste milk can leave critical gaps in calf nutrient needs. Additionally, supply can fluctuate, causing saleable milk to be used instead of supporting farm income. Pasteurized Milk Balancer® helps improve the performance of pasteurized milk.

Pasteurized Milk Balancer

A performance calf milk replacer is intended to deliver at least 2.0 pounds of dry matter per day, to meet above average growth performance of dairy calves.