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Intelligent Flock Health

Purina’s MQ Poultry technology characterizes and analyzes your flock’s microbiome profile in order to calculate a unique Microbiome Quotient report that is used to recommend feed technology solutions to optimize the birds’ gastrointestinal health.


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Feeding Excellence

Supports healthy poultry so they can achieve greatness at every life stage.

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No one person has all the answers. We bring together Ph.D. scientists, poultry nutritionists, and a sales team with decades of poultry production experience to help you face any challenge.

Customized Solutions

Our innovation never ceases, and it’s customizable to help you act on opportunities.

Full Line of Feed Products and Services

Tap into Purina’s broad spectrum of nutrition, feed manufacturing and poultry production expertise.

Our focused commercial poultry team is built with the full strength of Purina along with our feed additives partner, PMI. Together we will help you build a successful nutrition program.