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Chicken feeding recommendations vary depending on whether you’re raising chickens for meat or eggs.

They also vary according to age.

Growing birds
To help get egg-type chickens/pullets off to a healthy start, feed Purina® Start & Grow® Recipe. This 18 percent protein ration is perfect for raising laying chicks from hatch to 18 weeks of age or until they initiate egg laying. Purina® Start & Grow® Recipe is also available in a medicated form to help prevent coccidiosis.

Mature birds
Once a chicken reaches about 18 weeks, they’re considered mature and can graduate to Purina® Layena® Recipe or Purina® Layena® Recipe Plus Omega-3. These 16 percent protein, high calcium rations are ideal for birds 18 weeks of age or older, whether they are laying eggs or not. For those birds that are laying, why not get even more wholesome eggs for your family? Purina® Layena® Recipe Plus Omega-3 provides three times the Omega-3, an essential fatty acid, than regular eggs and still provides all the benefits of the original Layena® Recipe.

Show birds
Purina® Honor® Show Chow® Broiler Complete Recipe is a nutritionally complete, balanced ration for growing broilers from hatch to market. This 22.5 percent protein feed is designed to get birds off to a good start and grow them into show condition within a very short period of time.

Types of chicken feed

What is the difference between pellets or crumbles? Does it matter which you feed to your chickens? At Purina, we make sure each of our different types of feed is a complete diet for your poultry, so the choice comes down to a personal preference based off of the minor differences.

Chicken pellets
Pelleted feeds are concentrates of high-quality grain and plant protein ingredients with vitamins and minerals added. Customers often notice that the pelleted feeds are the least wasteful once your chickens have adjusted to eating them. Purina® Layena® Recipe, Purina® Layena® Plus Omega-3 Recipe and Purina® Flock Raiser® Recipe are all available in pelleted formulations.

Chicken crumbles
Crumbles are broken pellets, which are easier for poultry to eat. Just like other pelleted feed, they are concentrates of high-quality grain and plant protein ingredients with vitamins and minerals added. Because the crumbles are smaller than a normal pellet, they’re a great option for recently hatched chicks. Purina® Start & Grow® Recipe, Purina® Layena® Recipe and Purina® Flock Raiser® Recipe come in crumbled formulas.

Whichever feed type you choose, remember that each of your complete Purina feed options is made from the highest-quality ingredients, free from added animal proteins and fats, and they provide all the necessary nutrition and eliminate any need for supplemental products.