Think Twice Before Cutting Cattle Vitamins

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Ted Perry,

Beef Technical Solutions

Worldwide inventory of cattle vitamins is in short supply due to temporary production issues.

Tight supply means costs will be higher than traditional prices until the shortage resolves. But, before you second guess your supplementation program, consider the big picture.
Cutting cattle vitamin supplements due to a short-term production issue could have long-term effects on performance. Check out the vital role that cattle vitamins play in the chart below:
Vitamin Role (importance) in cattle Deficiency symptoms Deficiency-related issues
A Normal growth
Epithelial tissue maintenance
Reduced intake
Rough hair coat
Slow growth
Night blindness
Lower conception
Abortions or stillbirths
Abnormal semen
Reduced libido
D Calcium + phosphorus absorption
Bone formation
Calcium mobilization
Depressed appetite
Digestive disturbances
Stiff gait
Lower intake
Lower growth rate
Weak bones
Lower conception rate
E Antioxidant
Immune function
Vitamin A uptake
Closely linked to selenium
White muscle disease
Heart failure
Increased sickness
Lower growth rate
Weak or dead calves
Heart failure
Questions about supplementation of cattle vitamins? Talk with your local Purina dealer or call 1-800-227-8941.
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