Nothing beats the feeling of stepping into the ring, giving the judge a “pick mine” look and experiencing that adrenaline rush as you receive the champion handshake. The 2022 graduating class is the future of the show industry, and we’re ready to invest in their future. Purina is excited to announce the 2022 Giving Greatness Scholarship! One winner from five categories will be awarded a $2,000 educational scholarship. The five categories include: 1. Show Cattle, 2. Show Swine, 3. Show Sheep or Goat, 4. Show Poultry, 5. Show Rabbit. Good luck, seniors, you’re on your path to greatness!

Click Here to Begin the Scholarship Application


Application Period: September 1st – November 8th, 2021

What will you need? The Purina Giving Greatness Scholarship application includes the following:
  • 1. Background questions
  • 2. A letter of recommendation from a teacher or FFA/4H advisor
  • 3. A short essay. Please be prepared to answer both of the following questions in less than 250 words:
    • a. What life skills and/or lessons have you learned from showing animals?
    • b. How has your involvement with agriculture and showing animals helped prepare you for your future?
  • 4. To be considered, you must currently feed, or have fed within the last year, Purina® feed and/or High Octane® Supplements to your show animal(s).

Once you are ready to complete the application, click on the link above. Scholarship recipients will be notified by January 3rd, 2021. Good luck to everyone!

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